Does it work on Mac?

Yes, it works on Macs with macOS 11.0 or later and Apple M1 or later chips.

How to make the background of a video transparent?

Turn on Settings > Advanced > Use H265 Codec

SMPRO normally saves videos in the H264 codec; H264 is a universal codec that can be uploaded on many sites, but it does not support transparent video.

I bought unlimited but on my iPad it still in basic version. Have you got a solution?

If you want to share the purchase status with other iOS devices, please tap Restore in the Register Menu. The iOS device you want to share must have the same Apple ID.

I want to refund. Please refund me!

I am just an app developer, so I cannot refund for purchases. but Apple can do it. Please google “iphone app refund”. You will find the information.

Why the location collection warning on your App Store page? Why do you need our location?

SMPRO uses Google’s AdMob to display some of its ads, and AdMob requires the collection of user data; SMPRO itself does not collect any user information.

I want to speed up video rendering.

In previous versions of SMPRO 5.0, rendering speed was constant regardless of image size. If speed is a priority, please try using a smaller output size.

Video Specifications

In addition to images, videos can also be input in SMPRO.

When video is input, SMPRO outputs video. In this case, the FPS is fixed at 30 and the length of the video is equal to the input video. The size of the video must be a multiple of 16 in horizontal size. If the horizontal size is not a multiple of 16, it will be scaled automatically.

Example: For a canvas size of 1000×1000, the output size of the video will be scaled to 1008×1008.

Also, if there are multiple videos on the one canvas, the output video will be the same as the longest video, and the other videos will be looped.

The output video will also include audio, but the audio of the longest video will be selected.

The video codec can be H264 or h265 in the advanced settings.

H265 supports transparent video, but currently transparent video seems to be displayed incorrectly in the iOS Photos app. However, the transparent video itself is output normally and can be read by various editing software.

(Note: In order to load them in PhotoShop, you need to change the encoding to Apple ProRes in the Finder function of MacOS.)

We have also confirmed a bug with H265 output in the Mac Catalyst environment that causes noise.